The 7 Best Multiplayer N64 Games

The Top 7 Multiplayer Nintendo 64 Video Games

How to Become a Game Tester provides an inside look into professional game testing, if you’re interested take a look at our home page – with an awesome job comes awesome responsibilities. You’ll have to take a foray into the past in order to look into the future, so we’ve dug up seven of the best multiplayer N64 videogames around.

The N64 was the first console to hit our shores that came, right out of the box, with the ability for four players to plug in and get playing. This made it unique at the time, and many of us have revisited the console in order to relive some of the defining moments of our childhood. Think about breaking it out the next time you have a party, and you’ll be surprised at just how awesome these games still are:

1) Mario Kart 64

The original Mario Kart was a SNES classic and when Mario Kart 64 came out it was a wonder to behold. There’s a ton of different modes of play and the cart racing remains deep enough to still grab the modern player’s attention.

Few of us will forget the madness of Rainbow Road or the fun of the Battle Mode where we popped each other’s balloons. Some players contend that it’s still the best Mario Kart game around.

Even more surprisingly, given the simple aesthetic which is favored by Nintendo, the graphics have held up quite well. While the textures might seem a bit subpar compared to the stuff in modern games, the models and animations still look quite good.

The mechanics and controls still hold up quite well despite the amount of time that has passed. If you’re looking for a solid racing game with just a touch of nostalgia, venturing back into Mario Kart 64 might be exactly what you need.

2) Goldeneye

Pretty much everyone who grew up with a Nintendo 64 remembers the fun that could be had with Goldeneye. In an era where pretty much every existing first person shooter was either a PC game or a port of questionable quality, it came forth and gave us an amazing amount of fun.

Goldeneye still makes for a good nostalgic romp, although those who grew up on more modern shooters like Halo and Call of Duty will undoubtedly be disappointed. It has a good selection of weapons and levels, and the four player split screen mode is fantastic if you’ve got a modern TV.

The graphics, which were superb at the time, haven’t held up well but that just adds to the feeling of stepping into the past. The joy of killing just about everyone with proximity mines remains and the controls will come back to you quite quickly even if you’ve acclimated to modern shooters.

Give it a shot if you’re looking to re-experience some of the most infuriating moments of your childhood, just make sure that no one picks Oddjob as their avatar or there’s going to be trouble.

3) Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2 was the standout of the series on the N64. The first iteration undoubtedly launched the franchise, but the N64 was starting to look a bit tired by the time that Mario Party 3 came out. It has more depth than the first Mario Party, and it allowed players to go head to head in the board game layout which has become one of the staples of Nintendo’s franchise.

It introduced a plethora of unique features including something which made players super happy: on all of the boards but Bowser Land the individual characters wear different costumes.

It still stands as a solid game; the graphics are good enough to play to this day, and the “board game” format of the Mario Party series has ensured that all of the games have an amazing amount of longevity.

The only issue with the game is that it came out before the developers removed the “swirl-the-stick rapidly” control. More than a few of us burned holes in our palms during the mini-games where it was created.

Somehow, the Mario Party games have never seemed to inspire the rivalry of many competitive games. It’s good, clean fun and everyone engaging in it will find themselves enjoying it thoroughly. What more could you want with a trip to the past?

4) Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. brought together an amazing amount of characters from diverse games, threw them in an arena, and had them beat the crap out of each other. It’s the origin of the Falcon Punch. It’s the predecessor of games that to this day are played in actual tournaments.

When it came out, none of us had seen anything like it. For those of the correct age, it was time to pit our favorite characters against each other and finally solve those playground arguments. Those who stuck with it ended up falling in love with the mechanics almost invariably.

Contrary to most fighting games, Super Smash Bros. allowed for four players to engage in combat across a diverse set of arenas. It doesn’t quite match the complexity of the later games, but it’s a solid fighter to this day, and despite the simple move sets of the characters, there’s a surprising amount of depth to how each character can be used.

It may have also been responsible for more name calling at the elementary level than any other game in history.

It’s worth a shot if you have it lying around, pull it out at the next party and see if you and your friends have matured as much as you think. You probably haven’t.

5) Perfect Dark

If Goldeneye isn’t exotic enough for you to deal with the antiquated controls, then give a look to Perfect Dark. The sheer, boggling variety of unique weapons was awesome, and nothing like it had ever been seen before.

It offers stuff that even most modern shooters haven’t gotten around to, mostly in the form of ridiculously overpowered weapons. There’s the Farsight XR-20, which gives you a thermal image when you pull up the scope, lets you see thermal imaging through walls and kills in a single hit. The Phoenix pistol which shoots explosive rounds and can be wielded akimbo, and even the laptop gun which can be deployed as a turret.

It all makes for a glorious, chaotic mess when you and your friends engage. It has similar controls to Goldeneye, and about the same graphics, the main thing that set it apart was the uniqueness of the weapons.

Give it a go if you can’t get your friends to feed into the nostalgia of Goldeneye, then punish them for their heresy with the Farsight for the rest of the night.

6) Gauntlet Legends

Few of us remember the ads, fewer of us actually played the game itself, but Gauntlet Legends was one of the best multiplayer games around when the N64 was at the peak of its popularity.

It is, of course, a continuation of the Gauntlet series and it was the first one to be rendered in loving 3D. Fans of the older games were simply amazed, but the game didn’t get the marketing it deserved and most of us only found it at a Blockbuster when we’d run out of other games to buy.

With up to four players you’ll go through levels killing just about everything and collecting loot in order to increase their statistics. It was probably the best “hack-and-slash” style game available on the N64 and its stood the test of time pretty well.

Despite some odd aesthetic choices, like the suddenly Egyptian wizard, it was a ton of fun and with four players things got chaotic and awesome really quickly, then stayed that way. Dig it out, blow the dust off the cartridge, and you might just have a great way to kill a night once more.

7) Star Fox 64

Raise your hand if you remember that Star Fox 64 even had a multiplayer mode. The single player game was absolutely fantastic, but the multiplayer mode was often forgotten about.

It’s actually surprisingly deep; you can engage in combat with up to four players using three different modes chosen at the start of the match. Those of us who remember the pain we caused our Arwing flying friends while on foot are already grinning in remembrance.

There are three different modes to play in and if you have someone who’s just ridiculously good at the game they can even set a handicap which will lower the amount of shield gauge they have.

It’s good fun, and something which was never quite replicated again. Whether you remember it or not, it’s sure to make for a memorable night playing with your friends.


If you’ve been looking for a good reason to dust off the N64, blow in some cartridges, and plug it in, then you’re in good hands. Any of the above Nintendo 64 multiplayer party games are sure to provide a fantastic night of fun for you and your friends and all of them have stood the test of technological progress quite well. Break out the N64, grab some drinks and food, and settle in for a memorable trip into your childhood or even introduce someone to the wonders of gaming past.